Date of death of the Companion Sa‘d ibn Mu‘aath Fatwa Date : Thul- Qi’dah 27, 1435 / 22-9-2014; Published by:–

Date of death of the
Companion Sa‘d ibn
Fatwa Date : Thul-
Qi'dah 27, 1435 /
Salam, I want to ask a
question that in which Islamic
month and year did the
Prophet's ( ) companion Sa'ad
ibn Maaz (RA) died?
All perfect praise be to
Allaah, The Lord of the
Worlds. I testify that there is
none worthy of worship
except Allaah, and that
Muhammad , is His Slave and
The honorable Companion
Sa‘d ibn Mu‘aath died as a
martyr in the month of Thul-
Hijjah, 5 AH, about twenty-
five nights after the Battle of
Al-Ahzaab (or the Parties).
He died at the age of thirty-
seven. He was fatally injured
in the Battle of Al-Ahzaab as
he was hit by an arrow which
severed one of his veins. He
supplicated, “O Allaah, if
there is still a war to be
fought with Quraysh, then
keep me alive for it. You
know that nothing is more
beloved to me than to fight
for Your cause against those
who disbelieved in Your
Messenger, harmed him, and
turned him out of Makkah. O
Allaah, if You have put an
end to the war between us
and them (Quraysh), then
bless me with martyrdom. O
Allaah, keep me alive until I
happily see Your punishment
for Banu Quraythah." His
supplication was answered
and he remained alive until
he was chosen as the arbiter
for the Banu Quraythah and
passed his judgment that
coincided with the just
judgment of Allaah for them.
[Summarized from Siyar
A‘laam An-Nubalaa’ by Ath-
Thahabi and Subul Al-Huda
wa Ar-Rashaad by As-
Allaah Knows best.
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