Hadith 06. Of 40 nawawi collection by:-sunnahfollowers.net

Hadith # 6
On the authority of Al-Numan
bin Basheer, who said : I
heared the messenger of
Allah say :
"That which is lawful is plain
and that which is unlawful is
plain and between the two of
them are doubtful matters
about which not many people
know. Thus he who avoids
doubtful matters clears
himself in regard to his
religion and his honor, but
he who falls into doubtful
matters falls into that which
is unlawful, like the shepherd
who pastures around a
sanctuary, all but grazing
therein. Truly every king
has a sanctuary, and truly
Allah's sanctuary is His
prohibitions. Truly in the
body there is a morsel of
flesh which, if it be whole, all
the body is whole and which,
if it be diseased, all of it is
diseased. Truly it is the
p narrated by Bukhari and


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