Hadith 22. Of 40 nawawi collection by:- sunnahfollowers. net

Hadith # 22
On the authority of Abu Malik
Al-Harith bin Asim Al-Ashari
said that the messenger of
Allah said:
"Purity is half of faith.
alhamdu-lillah [Praise be to
Allah] fills the scales, and
subhana-Allah [How far is
Allah from every
imperfection] and alhamdu-
lillah [Praise be to Allah] fill
that which is between
heaven and earth. Prayer is
light; charity is a proof;
patience is illumination; and
the Quran is an argument for
or against you. Everyone
starts his day and is a
vendor of his soul, either
freeing it or bringing about
its ruin."
p related by Muslim.


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