Hadith 24. Of 40 nawawi collection by:- sunnahfollowers. net

Hadith # 24
On the authority of Abu
Dharr :
p Some of the companions of
the messenger of Allah said
:" O Messenger of Allah, the
affluent have made of with
the rewards, they pray as
we pray they fast as we
fast, and they give away in
charity the superfluity of
their wealth." He said:" Has
not Allah made things for you
to give away in charity ?
every tasbihah is a charity,
every takbirah is a charity,
every tahmidah is a charity,
and every tahlilah is a
charity, to enjoin a good
action is a charity, to forbid
an evil action is a charity,
and in the sexual act of each
of you there is a charity."
They said: "O Messenger of
Allah, when one of us fulfils
his sexual desire will he
have some reward for that?"
He said: "Do you not think
that were he to act upon it
unlawfully he would be
sinning ? Likewise, if he has
acted upon it lawfully he will
have a reward."
p related by Muslim.


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