Hadith 35. Of 40 nawawi collection by:- sunnahfollowers. net

Hadith # 35
On the authority of Abu
Hurairah, who said : the
messenger of Allah said :
p "Do not envy one another;
do not inflate prices one to
another; do not hate one
another; do not turn away
from one another; and do not
undercut one another, but be
you, O servants of Allah,
brothers. A muslim is the
brother of a muslim: he
neither oppresses him nor
does he fail him, he neither
lies to him nor does he hold
him in contempt. Piety is right
here-and he pointed to his
breast three times. It is evil
enough for a man to hold his
brother muslim in contempt.
The whole of a muslim for
another muslim is inviolable:
his blood, his property, and
his honor."
p related by Muslim.


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