Hadith 36. Of 40 nawawi collection by:- sunnahfollowers. net

Hadith # 36
On the authority of Abu
Hurairah that the Prophet
p "Whosoever removes a
worldly grief from a believer,
Allah will remove from him
one of the griefs of the Day
of Judgment. Whosoever
alleviates [the lot of] a
needy person, Allah will
alleviate [his lot] in this
world and the next.
Whosoever shields a Muslim,
Allah will shield him in this
world and the next. Allah will
aid a servant [of His] so long
as the servant aids his
brother. Whosoever follows
a path to seek knowledge
therein, Allah will make easy
for him a path to Paradise.
No people gather together in
one of the houses of Allah,
reciting the Book of Allah and
studying it among
themselves, without
tranquility descending upon
them, mercy enveloping
them, the angels surrounding
them, and Allah making
mention of them amongst
those who are with Him.
Whosoever is slowed down
by his actions will not be
hastened forward by his
p related by Muslim in these


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